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Add Santa hats to your photo with free iPhone app

Holiday season is here, people are busy with Christmas celebration preparations. Several awesome applications for different mobile devices and platforms have been launched; in the same series here is an awesome app for iPhone, which also is compatible with iPad and iPod Touch devices.

This app named as Holiday Hatter, actually allows you to add those beautiful Santa hats to your photos. Simply load a photo, and later select your favorite Santa Hat to add it on your photo.

Here are the features of this app –

  • Post your photo to Twitter and Facebook
  • Over 30 Holiday Hats to choose from
  • Use your camera or load a photo from your photo album
  • Adjust placement, size and rotation of hats
  • Email the picture to your friends and family
  • Save the picture to your photo album

Here are some of the snapshots of the app –

Free iPhone app to add Santa Hats to your photos

iPhone iPad iPod Touch app to add funky Santa Hats to your photos

Free iPhone iPad and iPhone Touch app to add Santa Hats to your photos

This looks like an awesome way to have loads of fun this holiday season. You can download and install Holiday Hatter here.

Here is another must have application this Christmas (for Android), where you can bring Santa to your phone, and play around with him.

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