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Be Careful with Ignore feature in Outlook 2010

Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 has another feature which is nice but it can be pretty dangerous. The option is called as Ignore. This when applied on a particular mail conversation will automatically start moving it to deleted folder.

One the first guess, I thought this to be an equivalent button for Mute Feature of Gmail but when I hovered my mouse it turned out to be trashing of the complete conversation.

Office 2010 ignore

Mute feature of Gmail just keeps me off the conversation unless somebody replies to me. So you can be both off the conversation and in when required. Though the Ignore button in Outlook 2010 is useful in case where it becomes a chain of converstions but not so useful when I want to just optin or optout.

I wish if this feature can be update to work like Gmail Mute, it would be awesome. So if you are using the ignore button, just be careful on what you are doing.

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