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Best Sites to send free SMS to anywhere in India – Inside Story

Sending local and std messages in India is still costly and charges any where around 1 to 2 INR. Last couple of weeks I had been feeling the hype of sending free SMS all over India as I am getting a lot of messages from couple of sites regularly. On further analysis and talks with my friends and We found 2 sites which seems to be best from sending FREE SMS to anywhere India.

However They are not absolutely free. It does not cost you money but here is the inside story of Sending Free SMS to India Works:

How these services are able to send SMS for free ?

Actually they dont. They have come up with a nice idea of allowing the users to use a part of message say 80 characters of 160 allowed and rest is used for advertising. Smart move!. So they collect the money from advertisers and we were surprised that one of the site sends contextual advertisements.

Some of the sites allows you to send sms if you refer 3 more friends. Thats another good way to increase the popularity of the site but it does breaches the privacy of people who dont like this kind of stuff. So we picked up finally 2 sites which works on the base of advertisement.


  • Bulk SMS
  • Scheduled SMS
  • 400 characters SMS
  • Phone book support.
  • Create groups

Read Complete details here

AOL.IN  Desktop SMS

AOL.IN now allows you to send free sms to India from Desktop. Read complete details here

Google SMS channel :

Google SMS channel now allow you to create group of your friends and then send sms to them any time for free. Read More details on how to do it here


As the name says they break up messages into 2 parts. 80 for you and 80 for advertisement. So far I have seen this service more popular and reliable. Here are some facts they provide:

  • Based on the recipient’s location, the time of the SMS sent and the text of your SMS message,160by2 delivers the most relevant advertisement.
  • 160by2 enables YOU to send maximum of 50 messages a day subject to fair use policy up to 80 characters long,to any mobile user within India, without any riders.
  • You can send only 10 messages to one particular number in a day

Send Free sms through 160by2.com


This works on the same principle of 160by2, however it allows you to send sms of 92 charcter length.

  • Out of the 160 characters of a standard SMS, Way2SMS offers only 92 characters to the User to send out their personal SMS. The rest of the characters are appended with an Advertisement or Mobitisement.
  • Send Messages to the Group contacts with single click

Send Free sms through way2sms

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  • Dev

    mdakia.com allows you to send free sms with any ads added. Users can send 160 word sms, it alos allows you ro send flash sms as well as mcards

  • Jyoti

    Found another one – – good thing is no ads and allows you to send a message anywhere in the world (my boyfriend is in the US)

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  • Om

    Nice to see your blog.Really cool.

    Om Prakash

  • Dev

    Another good sms site is Hai91.com –

    They allow you to send 149 chars. And has lot of features like phonebook, schedule SMS etc…

  • Samriddh

    You’ve missed some really good sites dude.. http://www.spicesms.com allows 140 chars, while atrochatro.com is also good.

  • Punit Gupta

    friend u missed many sites: mjoy.com, m-alerts.net, smsseva.com, freesms8.com, mysmsindia.com, m3m.in and the rest are in the comments.

  • smsseva

    send free sms to any mobile all over india

  • suber

    Today while searching on web for free sms to india.I came to a website http://www.mysmscollection.com .Yes really i send many sms from the site.Its free

  • Friends check this site:

    Its a cool site. You can SMS upto 147 characters

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  • Srujana

    Another site which I found these days is which give us 150 characters and hey they offer reminders also. and we can schedule to our friends too.

    I have tried it and its working. No ads so far !! So, using this instead of the 2 biggies which you have mentioned.

  • kamal

    this is also a really cool free sms website that i use to send free sms to india it can also send sms to USA, UK, South africa, caribbean an many more destination http://www.text-media.net

  • sandeep

    hai guys this is rally cool but i want free pc to phone calling site to call free on mobile

  • Neha

    ders anoder site sms7.in
    u can send upto 440 char it sayz.

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  • DialSimple.com is giving away 100 free minutes to call India from any phone, the giftcode to use while signup is YR09

  • Pinal

    WAY2SMS.COM now offering 140 characters full-free sms without any Ads. Please correct the post regarding WAY2SMS where it is mentioned 92 characters with Ads.

  • wel wisher

    the sms 7 site boasts to send 440 char long sms but actually I am getting only there ads and it says like” *sometext missing* forunlimited sms visit http://www.sms7.in” seems like they are just advertisng there site and nothing more. are getting any money mr aashish mohata for advertising them(you must be).

  • Now freesms8.com is currently allowing complete 160 characters for free. I am not sure what their business model is???

  • http://www.mconvey.com offers Unlimited Free SMS to Indian Mobile Numbers, without any registration and 145 character without any ads. Send sms within India.

  • Sivi

    http://www.mconvey.com also offers unlimited free sms..even without registering… I don’t understand their business model either….
    may be earning on adsense…!

  • nag


    Here is a new site “www.earnbysms.com” which will allow you to not send free sms but also gives you 5ps for every sms you sent. Accumulate minimum of 10rs and your mobile will be recharged… So just grab on it

  • Hello, It’s simple, it’s easy, it’s fast & above all it’s free!!! All you need is to register with MySMSworld and start sending free SMS to your family and friends… http://www.mysmsworld.com.

  • neha

    i am using smsgala.com 4m quit sometim dy even pay 4 sending sms(max 145char) which no one else does… so try if it works 4 u

  • 160by2 and Way2sms is Only working rest other site are of no use You can add another working site that allow users to send free sms is .I think this is the best free sms sites that allow users to send free sms.

  • http://www.smsfame.com is the best site.
    You can Send Unlimited Free SMS in India Without Ads from http://www.smsfame.com.
    the only website who offers 160 chars message in single SMS without adding any ads.
    its totaly free.

  • rakesh

    although sms7.in is the best support’g 440 char in a single msg but most of the time u find difficult to log inside.

  • http://www.total160.com

    Allows you to send 148 Character sms to any mobile in India with out any ad added in the sms with instant sms delivery.

    You can schedule you sms, they provide bulk sms facility @ very low cost.
    Online phonebook which is very easy to use and to send sms directly from phonebook.

    we can send sms to 10 numbers at a time.

    Registration is very simple and get instant access to your unlimited free sms word.

  • Rounak

    some one plz.. tell me the site through which v can send sms of more than 160 character and it will display our name just like way2sms.com

  • subhash kumar roy KGEC

    hey try way2sms as all said above.
    after searching so many site i finally 0ed on it.
    try it friend now 140 character dude.


    I have searched a lot of sites…..
    i found freesms8.com best….
    bcoz…160 char
    no adds

  • Raj

    ibibo is one of the best of site for sending the sms via internet
    Just log on to ibibo.com

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  • Vishal

    hey guys u cn send 280 character long sms frm without ads. there is also sms7.in who allows to send 447 characters but it has long ads also. so try atsms4u.com. u cn save contacts n schedule us msg.

  • madhu


    i found dis interesting site when i am sufring the internet which allows us to send free sms of 320 characters long

    1)320 sms character length
    2)group sms
    3)schudule sms
    4)address book
    5)real time delivary reports wether sms delivered or not
    and do many

    and the speed of the sms delivery is also too fast compared to other sites

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    this sites is a best site of india

    use this site all indian

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    this site ??????????????????????????????????????????????

    best sites of india

  • hey !!

    this sites is a best site of india

    use this site all indian

  • good site of india

  • Hai!

    This is the best sites for sent msg in mobile
    you know

  • heena

    bekarr hai 160 sms

  • Send full 160 char. sms at fullonsms.com

  • JT


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  • Ejaz Khan

    Hello, It’s simple, it’s easy, it’s fast & above all it’s free!!! All you need is to register with MySMSworld and start sending free SMS to your family and friends… http://www.mysmsworld.com.

  • sameer

    any body tell me how to login
    of this site??????????


    HI. sms7.com supports 440 characters with limited credits-but it is under maintainance. Try 100nests.com another site which supports more than 300 characters. Freesmsindia.org also supports 270 characters-but no group sms facility unless joined in the group-try and enjoy the best.

  • Hello everyone ,

    Its nice to see everyone contributing here .
    fab place for sharing ur deepest, Valuable thoughts n imaginations…
    I will recommend my friends to read this for sure.


  • rizwan

    why sms440 chat box has problem…..

  • Hi Sameer,

    you have to browse free sms in google and you can find lot of free sms sites. create a login and you can send sms for free.