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Contact Lens Mouse : Control the cursor with eye movements

Yeah, you got it right, ‘A Mouse Fitted to your Eyeball’, named as ‘I Contact’, Designed by Eun-Gyeong Gwon & Eun-Jae Leeoriginally, evolved for people with disabilities, but can be very inviting for a general user as well.

Here, you need to insert a lens in your eyes, exactly like you do in case of any other contact lens, this lens has sensors, which track the movements of eye, and relay them to the receiver which is connected to your computer.

Mouse as a contact lens

Mouse as a contact lens

So, now you can control the mouse cursor with your eyes, and probably to click, you need to blink, now just pretend as if you are using a mouse of such kind, how does that feel, seems funny, right?

Let’s see how this whole thing comes along, I would love to try it once at least. Do you feel like giving it a try, what do you think about ‘I Contact’, will it become popular? Have your say.  Source Yanko Design

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