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Create Fake Speakers and Mic using Virtual Audio Cable

Many a times you require to use Audio from one program to be used by another program for example, if your friends want to listen to a music over messenger or Skype the only option is to turn on your mic and play the music loud so he or she can listen to it. The problem here is the sound quality is not good plus if you ave lot of people around you it becomes annoying for everybody.

Virtual Audio Cable Software allows you to create fake speakers and mic which can be recognized by any Audio Program like Windows Media Player or any messenger service like Skype or Yahoo Messenger. So now you can

  • Play music on your Windows Media Player and stream it to Virtual Speakers
  • Stream what your friend is saying to a Virtual Speaker and Record it using Audacity.

Audio Settings of Skype


How to setup Virtual Audio Cable :

  • Download it from here and Install it with Admin Privilege.
  • Then launch the Control Panel of the application.
  • By default there will be one cable created for you. Check the box which says mic under connected Source Lines. Leave rest of the settings to default.

Virtual Audio Cable Settings

Play music on your Windows Media Player and stream it to Yahoo Messenger

  • Launch Windows Media Player. Press Alt and Go to Tools > Options >Devices > Speakers
  • Change the speaker choice to Line 1 ( Virtual Audio Cable )
  • Keep a song ready to play.
  • Now Launch Yahoo Messenger and Go to Preferences > Video and Voice
  • In Microphone select Mic 1 ( Virtual Audio Cable ).


Yahoo Messenger and WMP Audio Settings
Now when you play a music from Windows Media Player it is streamed out using Line 1 Audio and captured by Mic 1 Audio and send to your friend. Since this is virtual and not a physical mic it will not listen to any ambient noise except produced by windows internally.

Stream what your friend is saying to a Virtual Speaker and Record it using Audacity :

This is useful if you want to record what your friend is saying. Keep the messenger settings the same but in Audacity, you need to change PlayBack Device to  preference to Line 1 ( Virtual Audio Cable ). Make sure you have closed Windows Media Player else it will mix both the sounds.

So now what happens is when you friend says something, it is streamed to Line 1 which is a virtual speaker for you and is recorded by Audacity in the same way if you were recording an online audio using your real speakers as your output and mic as input. The difference is you will get a better quality here.

Audacity Recording Preferences

What else you can do ?

  • Play Music from two media players and use two different virtual speaker and then record it.
  • Record Calls on Skype, Yahoo or similar instant messenger  programs
  • If you have an encoding software, stream directly from virtual speakers to it.

Is it Free ?

Yes and No both.  The free version has limitation on number of speakers you can create and it emits a female voice after every few seconds. Now if you using it for personal use, you can ignore it but if you are using it professional work you can buy it.

What About Video ?

This only supports audio but if you want to stream a video to your webcam or create virtual webcam that can be used by messenger program, I will suggest you to take a look at the list of Webcam Tools we talked about.


This application Works on Windows 7 , Vista and XP. 32 and 64 bit systems. You can download both free and trial version from here

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