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Delay Delivery : Send future mails from Outlook

Delay Delivery is an excellent feature in Outlook if you want to send mails later i.e. Send future email. This feature can be used in two ways. One by setting this option for the mails you want or by creating rules where you can specify conditions that will make it delay. This is applicable to Outlook connected to POP or Exchange Server connection and even IMPA service.

Delay Delivery when creating a new mail

After you are done writing an email from Outlook, switch to Options on ribbon menu and look for Delay Delivery button.

Delay delivery option

Once you open it, there are many things you can configure including the delivery time i.e. when the email has to be sent.  You can select any date and time (which is predefined with a difference of 30 minutes). Configure this and hit send mail.

Delay delivery options for every mail

Now you can go and check the Outbox and should the find the future dated email right there. For my IMPA connected mails I don’t have an Outbox for IMPA but it used the Personal Folder Outbox for temporary storage.

Remember you should have at least one mail account set for Personal Folder else it will be not included in the Send Receive group and this will fail.

Delayed mail in Outbox

Now just wait for the time and your mail will be delievered.

Creating Rules for delay delivery

Now coming to our second scenario where you don’t want to send emails immediately. You would like to get it delayed for let’s say 10 or 30 minutes. Why? I might have forgotten to attach any file or I might get some other mail whose detail has to be updated in that mail.

These situations are common which I see it happening in Office and even when you want to send documents to clients.

So let’s create some rules. It’s clear that you would like to delay the sent mail only.  So go to Tools Menu and select Rules and Alerts.

Then launch the New Rule wizard which will guide you on creating rule. Right at the end you will find check message after sending under blank rule category. Select it. After this you need to specify some conditions on which the rules will look.

You have many options here. What I would suggest is to apply this rule to any of your account. This makes sure you get time to change anything on the sent mail.

In the second step you would get the option to add dale delivery. Here you get the option by how much time to delay but not when i.e. date. Add the delay time. You have few more steps which you can do it on according to your requirement and then finish.

Creating delay delivery rules

Now try sending an email and you would definitely find mails first going to outbox and then delivered at particular time.

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