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Drive Safely reads loud SMS and Emails on Mobile when you drive

How many times have you been warned for not reading / sending sms or emails on your phone while driving ? Many, because this is one of the rising cause of road accidents. Worry not we have an application just for that. DriveSafe.ly is a mobile application which reads the SMS / Emails while you are driving.

Blackberry Drively

Blackberry Drively

Features  of Drive Safe Ly

  • Reads out loud your SMS / Email as soon as they hit your mobile inbox.
  • It’s completely hand free.
  • Sends a notification back to the person that your email has been read and you will get back to him or her soon. This is configurable.
  • Allows you to configure which email messages should be read loud.
  • Allows you to remove unnecessary text in the subject like RE and FWD.
  • Select what you want to be read : Email, Text ( SMS ), Sender, Subject, Message.
  • Works with BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, iPhone and Android

Here are the screenshots :

Blackberry drively options

Blackberry drively menu

Blackberry drively settings advance

The only things which I think missing is reading out the IM’s. I would have loved that too. There are two versions of  this application. The free one reads only 25 characters with only female voice ( Huh I would love a female voice lol ).  Get your own copy of DriveSafe.ly from here. However if you are heavy user get the premium version which is just 13.5$ one time. Thanks Manav

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