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Edit and optimize web page before printing with Print What you like

Edit Toolbar fore customizing a web page before printingWhat if you can edit the page seamlessly before you go for printing ? What if you can just crop out some parts and keep what you want it ? What if you can make that page free of advertisement and then print it ? This is what you look for and this is what exactly is Print What You Like service about.

We all know printing a web page had always been tricky business because of the layouts or sometimes because of the advertisement and more. By default people would search for a print button but that is also missing many a times.

Print what you like is a free online service which allows you to edit any web page on fly and let you modify to an extreme extent to make it more user friendly before you print it. Here is a complete feature:

  • Select any section on page and delete it.
  • Remove all images on the web page in one click.
  • You can select any amount of area.
  • Add more pages, This will be helpful when lets say somebody wrote article on series of 3 posts and you want to print them together. Just add it and it appears at the end of the page.
  • Make printed web pages more readable by removing ads, widgets and other distractions
  • Fix broken pages that don’t print correctly

Here is a video on how Print what you like it works and will shows you the real power of it.

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