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Free Android app to add text captions to your images

Adding captions on your photos is something we often feel like doing, isn’t it? There are several ways to do so, as long as you want to add caption while on your system, there are several ways to do so, but if you want to do that on your phone, choices are limited. Here is a free caption adding app for Android devices, named as CaptionMaker.

The working of CaptionMaker doesn’t need to be explained, it has a damn simple interface. As soon as you launch the app, it allows you to open a photo from the gallery. Later you can get the option list using the menu button, which has all the options to add custom text, and later save this photo with caption on it.

Here are the snapshots –

Free Android app to add text captions to your images

free android app Add fun and creative text captions to your images with CaptionMaker

Add custom text caption to your photos with free android app

CaptionMaker is a nice app for people who love playing around with the photos, so ahead and grab it no, enjoy caption adding on your photos, also this can be used for adding text watermarks on your photos.

Visit the CaptionMaker page in Android Market Webstore

If you are looking for other ways to add text caption to your photos, you can download Photoscape or PicFont is an awesome online tool for this.

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