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Free BlackBerry app gives world’s most amazing and funny facts

5001 Amazing Facts Free is a free app for BlackBerry devices, as the name says it simply lets you read and know 5000+ amazing and funny facts on your BlackBerry. If you really want to know what all it offers, it’s probably best described on the app page –

“Did you know that 0.7% of the world population is drunk at this present moment or that numbers 1 to 36 on casino roulette add up to the mystical 666 or that it takes 17 muscles to smile and 43 to frown?”

It also has features such as Favorites, Email Facts to a Friend, etc.

Have a look at some of the snapshots of this app –

World's most amazing facts on your Blackberry free

Free BlackBerry app for Amazing and Funny Facts

Free app for Blackberry gives you 5000+ Amazing and Funny Facts

Interesting, isn’t it? So, go ahead and grab this app now. I find this app pretty lovable and awesome, definitely a great way to spend your free time.

Download the 5001 Amazing Facts Free on your BlackBerry

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