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How to auto generate months in Microsoft Office Excel 2007

I was preparing my accounts for this financial year and had to do calculations month by month. Now it was really tiring to type each month one by one. I wanted to generate all the months automatically and I found how to do it. Damn Easy Here are the steps.

  • Select a cell in excel , right click and select the type as Date.
  • In Date you will get various options like Date formats in MM.DD.YY and more. Select Just M i.e which means months.
  • Now keeping the cell selected, you should be able to see a cross mark at right corner.
  • Grab it with your mouse and start dragging down.
  • As you drag down, You will see Excel showing you next month . Look at the picture for better understanding.

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Note #1 : Since I already typed in April, it started generating from April and it rolls on January again when you cross December.

Note #2 : This should be applicable to many things like auto increment numbers 1,2,3 or incrementing dates. Give it a try.

Hope that helps many of you. Happy Accounting.

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