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How to convert Power Point slides into images

After reading Amit’s post on extracting images from power point / PowerPoint, I got inspired if I can find anything more. One of the person seems to be interested in converting all the PowerPoint slides into images.The idea was more induced when i saw some search hits for images on my power point article lately. . Its damn easy and it takes just few seconds to do it.

In PowerPoint 2010 it has changed a little but more or less it is the same :

  • Go to BackStage >Save and Send > Change File Type
  • Select PNG or JPEG as File Types
  • You will be opted if you want to save them as single or one for each slide.
Save Slides as Images

Save Slides as Images

In PowerPoint 2007 :

  • Open the PowerPoint presentation (PPT or PPS).
  • Go to File > Save As > Other formats
  • Now you will see lot of options for in the combo box. Select JPEG format and save.
  • This will save all your file into a folder with same name as your ppt or pps name.
Save as Image in PP 2007

Save as Image in PP 2007

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  • bonie

    hi! thanks for the information now i can convert my presentation to a jpeg (picture format) thanks for the post.. owe you alot…

  • EMF

    Thank You for the information!!! I think I will have to upgrade.
    I have 2003, and I do not have the option of the JPeg under Save As, unless I am doing one slide at a time, select all, save as then I can get a JPeg option.
    I have a lot of data on mine that I wanted to go along with the slide.I had 300 plus slides that I wanted to get into My Pictures so they would be picked up by Photo Elements.
    I have not however been able to save the background at all, which is a bummer, but I have accomplished getting everything else by clicking Select All, Save As, My Pictures.( One at a Time) Much too time consuming!! But with this you can get all of your photo’s in my case, into Photo Elements.
    Any more info for me would be appreciated.

  • EMF

    Probably the more accurate way to say what I meant was that I have a lot of inserted text and inserted clip art and such that I would like to go with the slide when it is inverted into an image, so It will be picked up by Photo Elements after it gets into “My Pictures”. I can only do it one at a time.

  • ak

    thanks yaar!

  • Kevin Kane

    In PowerPoint 2010:

    Go to File (not BackStage)> Save and Send > Change File Type


  • thnx dear….

  • Catherine

    I’m losing clarity of the original ppt slide when I save as an image; how can clear detail be retained?