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How to create professional installer using Winrar

Winrar is not just a zipping tool, it has many additional features which can be used to create a professional zip files and many others. Yesterday we talked about some unusual features of winrar which is not commonly used. Why not because most of the time we just need to compress or de-compress.

Lets consider a case, where you want to send your client or a friend some set of files which should automatically install and all he or she has to is one click. We might not know but its called as installer. Now suppose when you download any software, it has an exe which does all job for you right?. Thats what we are going to learn now.

Create Basic installer with winrar

  • Create a archive file or select a file for which you want to create installer.
  • Right click on it and go to “Add Files to archives“
  • It will open a window where you need to check the option “Create SFX Archive”

    Enable SFX on winrar

  • Then Goto Advanced tab of same window and Click on SFX Options button.
  • On clicking, it will popup another window which gives you an extensive set of options to customize your installer.

Customize Basic Installer :

  • General : This asks you for the path where the installer will de-compress files to. You can even choose to run a program ( which could be a music file or something else).

    Basic Installer winrar

  • Advanced: This options is essential if you are continuously upgrading your software and clients need an update.
    • You can delete older files before the installer is initialized.
    • You can create shortcuts to desktop or start menu, Start menu/ Programs or even startup. You can even pass some optional parameter if your software requires it.

      Basic Installer winrar

  • Modes: These modes are specially require if you need to keep the client in mind. Here you can set
    • If it has to use temporary folder
    • Do a silent installation without asking
    • Overwrite options – Complete, ask or skip.

      Basic Installer winrar

  • Text and Icon : Now if you are creating a professional installer you need to add Title images and text so people don’t thinks its a spam. Check the image.

    Basic Installer winrar

  • License: You can even add your own license to give it a final touch of professionalism. This can be useful if you don’t want others to take away your rights.

    Basic Installer winrar

Easy!!! You have your own installer and without much of problems. If you follow the images and instructions properly. You won’t have any problem at all or else shoot your questions and suggestion in comments.

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  • adrian

    thx for the info big help for me. creating installers for easy reformatting for my computer shop 😀

  • Drifter


    I tried the above method, but all that it did was unzip the files to some location that I had specified. It did not actually INSTALL the application ..

    Any inputs on this would be a great help……


  • Max

    Using WinRar to create installer is too complex. I recommend you to use Actual Installer –
    install software.

  • uday kiran

    Can any one give me the details of the best software other than..WINRAR…to create our own installer.?please….mail me to the address udaykiranips@in.com

  • Andrews

    im using this to install halo trial with my custom mods in it lol

  • Tan

    winrar is not hard, its easy and this tut is useful, actual installer and advanced installer make it more complex and its more expensive than winrar. advanced installer is over 200 bucks, winrar is about 10 times cheaper and gets the job done just the same way with slightly different wording

  • Sitsiritsit

    Wow . works great. You helped me man!

  • Shriram N

    I can’t put my gratitude in words.THANK YOU.

  • I use Winrar to make all my installs.

    Check out my web page on using environment variables…

    you can also modify the reg and do it silently.

    “%ProgramFiles%\Whatever” as Absolute Path

    is better than Just Selecting Program Files

    also I run several setup’s in my winrar’s

    ;The comment below contains SFX script commands

    Setup=FileMan.exe /s

    Setup=Stepup.exe /s
    Setup=QuickFM.exe /s


  • artshep

    Just wondering. Can’t we just make an SFX archive right from the start?

  • .rar

    Thanx mate, was trying to use iexpress for this but that just extracts the files. Winrar works well.

  • Sad

    Shortcuts are not created???
    No way to get shortcuts to be created???
    Any information other than the official examples??