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How to export only Name, Email and Phone number from Google Contacts

Years back there was a trick which allowed to export Google Contacts in much cleaner way i.e. in case you only wanted some particular fields, using the print option of Google Contacts. Seems GMail team updated something and it no more works.

So the questions hits back, How do I export contacts from contact book where it contains only Name, Email, Phone number or only fields which one requires. Right now when you try to export, it has tons of fields which are either empty or just not required.

So in this post, I will use any of the standard CSV editor to get the job done.

Export Google Contacts :

  • Go to Google Contacts following this url : http://www.google.com/contacts
  • Next select a group or set of contacts and click on More Button. Then export in CSV format.

Export Contacts in CSV Format from Google Contacts

Grab a CSV Reader and Editor :

Now download any popular CSV editors like  CSV File View or CSVed (Unicode supported).

CSV Editor to Hide Columns

Editing the CSV File :

Next open the CSV file you imported from Google contacts in any of these editors. Look for option where it allows you to view only particular columns or hide certain columns.

You will have to explore options in the software which can help you do it quickly. As an example, CSVed comes with an advance exporter which can even help you create templates, export for excel, HTML etc.

Final Result :

After you do this, you will finally have a CSV file which will only have fields which you require and you can cleanly import it anywhere you want. Hope this helps.

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