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How to move files between multiple USB drives simultaneously

Exchanging files, movies and sounds are the most common things which people use USB  Flash drives for and how much time do we spend on that ? Totally depends how many friends are there to get the data from you. So you copy first to your hard drive and then ask them to plug in the usb to your laptop and then copy into them one by one.

Now all that hard work can be done by an exclusive program, ImageUSB. This application basically can create image from multiple USB drives and then write back the same image to multiple drives. Its like mass transfer of files between USB drives.

Transfer data between multiple=

So here is how you can use it to transfer files between USB drives.

  • First get the data at one place which all of your friends want to exchange. In case they have something to give to each other you  copy it to your hard drive and dump all that in one folder. So you have just one folder with all data.
  • Now take one USB which has maximum space and dump all the data you have in the folder after you had formatted it.
  • Now use ImageUSB to first create an image. Its like CD image if you want to compare. The image will be stored on your computer.
  • Now connect all the USB drives to your computer and use the Write Option and make sure you had selected all the drives where you want to copy the files.
  • You are done, all your fiends have the same file and nobody is skipped.
  • Now this application also allows you to copy all the USB drive data to your computer but they are saved as .Bin extension which can be read by the USBImage software.


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