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How to quickly re-send group sms on BlackBerry

At time of festivals and events we love to send group sms. Though most of the phone do have feature to send mass sms but if you want to send a group SMS to a group which you have already sent a sms or want to re-edit to replace few names, BlackBerry has a very quick way to do it.

Steps to re-send group sms :

  • Open the SMS which has a list of all recipients.
  • Click the menu button and select Show Recipients
  • This will open up the list of contact which you had added already.

Group SMS feature

  • Now this list can be edited by removing or adding new contacts
  • Now when you click ok after you are done with changes it opens a different conversation where you type or paste the sms.

Group SMS feature Change

Repeat this any number of time and you will not waste time adding the same set of recipients again.

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