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How to reduce image size in batch ( Free Software )

Irfanview is a free software which can be used to decrease your image size, color depth, format conversion ( e.g BMP to JPG) and many others. After I received my marriage pictures , I was really shocked to see that size of each image was around 3 MB. Later on I came to knew it was taken from Nikon Camera and has very high resolution.

Now images with sizes like 4 MB are not useful over internet Not only it takes time to upload but also viewing the same is slow. I had one more problem that more than 300 images, now its very annoying to do it one by one. I wanted something which can do this job in a batch process.

Irfanview is small sized ( 1.1 MB only) free download software which was able to solve both of my problems with any noticeable affect on my image quality.

The features of Irfan View are : –

  • Change Image Size by reducing resolution.
  • Batch Crop, Resize and reduce color depth.
  • Set transparency.
  • Output in most common image formats.
  • You can even use Video files.
  • Batch Rename.
  • Customized Settings can be saved into a file. This allows you not to set things again and again. Just load the settings file and convert.
  • Insert Text into images.
  • Mix any number of images together and output as one file.

Here are some images which will give you a better idea.

Irfan reduce size

irfan batch Conversion Options

Advanced Option for reducing Image size

This software is pretty cool and useful if you have any issues with images. It can solve them easily and is not heavy on your computer either. What is the imaging software you are using ? Share with us in comments.

Download Link : Irfan Image Software ( 1.1 MB Download Free) | The FAQ is also available with them.

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  • COOL. Thanks. I had the software and didn’t know it does this Batch job 🙂

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  • Mo

    Where have you been irfanview? I’ve been looking for something like this for years… when I fed up and decided to look hard I found you. I am so in love!!!! haha

    Batch processing is the most amazing feature… makes life very easy and saves a lot of time… honestly.. I don’t mind paying for this software!!!

    Keep up the good work!!


  • Hi!
    Thanks a lot. This software is great!

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  • Leah

    Awesome! Thanks! I also have this software and didn’t know it could do this. I used it to decrease the size of all my pictures so I could load them onto my iphone. FYI, for iphone users, the screen size is 800×600 pixels. I just decreased the size of my pics to this and decreased the quality to 75%. Shrank the size by about 10. Great!
    Keep up the good work

  • Durgas

    Hi, your post helps me lot. thanks for the information.

  • pixie


    Thank you so much for this free software. It’s simply amazing and has been of much help to me. May good things happen to you!! 😀

  • bharath

    good can you keep for movies size reducer

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  • Rahul


  • Dave Nicolas

    GOOD JOB ASHISH! That saves me the time to have to write the .NET app myself!!!!

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