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How to restore IE 8 after upgrading to IE 9 Beta

Call it downgrade or restore or uninstalling , If you are having trouble with IE 9 beta which is breaking your add-ons or accelerators, below is the step on how you can uninstall IE 9. ( Check out the Feature list ) and roll back to previous version of IE 8 or IE 7  you had.

  • Click on Start Button and type in Programs and Features in the search box > Click View installed updates. Since this is Beta it gets installed as Updates and hence is not in uninstall list. and then click View installed updates.
  • Search for Windows Internet Explorer 9
  • When found right-click > Uninstall, Click yes when asked.
  • You will need to reboot your computer to complete un-installation.  This will bring back the older version with everything right in place.

IE 9 in Installed Updates

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  • Javier

    Thanks a lot!!

    It is possible to install both, IE 8 and IE9? and if it’s possible, how can i do that?


  • Ajain

    Thanks a lot, Couldn’t use my epayment website and needed this..


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  • azado

    hey?? and what if we downloaded IE9 not installed from updates??????????? how to restore it ???