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How to turn off Google Plus Community Notifications & Emails

Every time something new comes to Google Plus, specially where there are invites involved, My Google Plus Notification is flooded, and this happened with Google Plus Community feature which rolled out couple of hours ago. Both my email and Google plus notification are red and high in number. So how do you get rid of this ?

Good thing is that Google Plus Community also rolled in a setting in your Google Plus Profile which allows you to turn off the notifications. You need to visit your Account Settings to change that.

  • Go to https://www.google.com/settings/plus
  • Switch to Google Plus
  • Scroll down to Receive notifications and then scroll down further to find “Communities” (or just press Ctrl + F and search for it.)
  • You will have an option to uncheck the option which says “Invites me to a Community” for Email and Phone.
  • Uncheck both.

Google Plus Community Email Settings

Filtering Inbox :

I am pretty sure by the time you got up today, you have lot more emails than usual and all saying XXX invited you to join YYYY Community on Google Plus. Now if, you want to filter those notifications off because you have the above option turned on, set up this filter which looks into the emails for text “invited you to join Google+” or use the filter method below ( Thanks, ) which allows you to collect all the emails into one label.

Google Plus community Filter

The best way to test your filter is type it on the Search Box and see if all the emails can be seen and nothing else.

Google Plus Email Filter

These two steps should solve your problem of notifications and emails to an extent, and probably your can have them off when this marathon ends in a couple of days. Good Luck!!

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