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How to update Unknown Music Album Info using Windows Media Player

It is common for many of us who listen to music on players like Zune or Ipod or any other external player to see the a blinking like “Unknown Album-Unknown Artist” on it and many of us don’t bother about it as you do random shuffle but when we get to search for a particular song  it takes ages.

Now I had synced music to both my BlackBerry and Zune and it became necessary for me to remove those unknown strings and Windows Media Player helped me doing so.  Here are the steps:

  • Make sure you are connected to internet.
  • Select any album for which you would like to update the Album / Artist information.
  • Right Click and select Find Album Info.
  • This will open a pop up which connects to Music Database of Microsoft.
  • You will be asked about the album if it is a mixed type or all are from one album. This is narrow down the search. In case you are not sure, select mix.
  • Next screen will pick up one song and search it based on the partial information available. Make sure at least the song files have a proper name.
  • The search will match it to best result and if you are pretty sure select that album.

Select album

  • Now once the album is selected, It will list out each songs availble which is taken from the internet.
  • Match Songs which is in your album to one of the songs in the list. Repeat this process till you review all the songs in your album.

Match songs

  • In case you dont find any match just select next track. Once done select Finish.

Now go back to your Windows Media Player and you would see the album listed with Cover Image and all songs information available.  Here is a video explaining it. ( This is HD Video which you can watch directly on youtube )

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