#HappierDiwali iPad Mini Giveaway : Make This Diwali Brighter, Participate and Get Lucky

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In this digital age where tablets had made their own space be it watching a movie or checking on email or relax and access social media, there are two tablets which have top this section–Nexus 7 and iPad–so today we thought to make your Diwali even brighter by giving away an iPad Mini to one of our lucky readers.

iPad Mini is a perfect 7.9 inch device which is not heavy and with plethora of apps in the apple market lets you do almost anything you want while relaxing on your couch. iPad mini is priced at 22,000 in Indian Market.

iPad Mini Giveaway

Participation Rules:

To take part, all you need to do is to enter in your responses to few easy questions and follow us across on the Social Platforms listed below. The widget listed right at the end of the rules section, make sure to use the widget to count your participation. Anything else will not be counted as we use that to track your participation.

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Once you have done that, make sure to bring along all your friends too, cause we are sure you would like to make it a #HappierDiwali for them too.

  • Last date to take part in the Giveaway is 2nd November 2013.
  • Name of the winner will be announced within 10 days.

Diwali being the most important and most celebrated festivals in India, I am sure you would want to make it even better by participating in here. So wish you good luck and keep sharing to make more points to increase your chance to win an iPad Mini in our amazing giveaway and make your Diwali a safer and a #HappierDiwali

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  1. I want to wish all my old school friends a #HappierDiwali because this year I won’t be able to visit them..

  2. Ravi Prasad

    Diwali is an auspicious occasion and on this auspicious day of diwali i would like to wish a happy diwali to my grandparents who are no more in this world but i would like to tell them that we will miss them alot this diwali , it would be our first diwali without them . and also DIWALI IS A FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS DONT MAKE IT DARK BY THE FUMES OF CRACKERS AND MAKE A #HappierDiwali and a safe Diwali and RESPECT NATURE AND DONOT BURN CRACKERS

  3. Want to wish everyone a happier Diwali, specially to those who are unable to see the gleam and shimmer of the lights with their naked eyes (the blind), but able to feel it by their mind and reciprocate, spreading light of happiness all around

  4. Happy! Diwali! Loving! Diwali! Caring! Diwali! May this year u spend this Diwali with the special ones u love, making others happy, helping others, doing ur ultimate service towards Humanity:Spreading Love!! Thou shall be happy too by participating in this giveaway contest…..May GoD Bless U, may ur wishes come true this Diwali!!! I Love u All!!!

  5. PLEASE my request to all the people listening me out there: DO NOT! BURN CRACKERS! THIS DIWALI! and make it a Diwali Of Love! & Happiness! that u can only achieve by internal satisfaction:Spread Love!! The mere burning of crackers just satisfies our sensory nerves(not even that), My plea is Just Once before burning crackers: take time, close ur eyes & think about the most poor & helpless person u’ve ever seen in ur life, think whether ur action will benefit him or harm him…U’ll automatically get the answer…..it is nothing but Gandhiji’s Talisman which we all should follow in our whole life, but i’m just asking u to follow it for ONE day.

    “Make this world a better place to Live” on this Diwali.

  6. The Indians and everybody all over the world who celebrate Diwali-May every Diwali of yours be a #HappierDiwali than last year.

  7. vinay patil

    I want to wish #Happier Diwali to my family, relatives & friends as they are the loved ones in my life :)

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