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Lookout : Free Backup + Missing Device + Antivirus for BlackBerry

LookOut is an Online Blackberry Service + App Combo which provides :

  • Back up your contacts and photos,
  • Antivirus to safeguard your BlackBerry against viruses
  • Helps you find if you have lost your BlackBerry Mobile.
  • and Transfer your data on BlackBerry like contacts to a new BlackBerry Handset.

All you have to do is go to download page of this site to download the BlackBerry App and sign up with them. Once done that your device will be registered on their online site.

Lookout Online Settings

Also this service lets you add more than one mobile device so any backup taken from earlier mobile can be transferred seamlessly over the air making it an excellent solution for users who often grab the latest BlackBerry.

The Antivirus : Scans all the installed application

Lookout Antivirus

Locate Antivirus Scan Result

Finding the Missing BlackBerry

In case you loose your BlackBerry but the lookout application is running in the background, you can fire an alarm from their website which will make the phone scream. However this should be done once you are around the phone location of which can be seen on the Maps.

Lookout Missing Device

Locate Screem

This was the best experience, A loud alarm was fired on my mobile which was completely silent when I triggered to scream from online dashboard. Specially useful when you have just lost your phone or your kid might have dumped in a corner which you cannot locate. 😉

Delete all the data on your Lost BlackBerry

Worst case scenario, if you are not able to find your BlackBerry and you dont want all the data on your BlackBerry to get in somebody else’s hand, Lookout comes with a Wipeout feature which destroys all the data and also the app will stop working.

Lookout Wipes BlackBerry Data

But it is recommend to initiate the backup once before you start the wipeout but if you are confident that you already have all the data, just hit the nuke button. You can find this after login to the official website > Missing Device.

Data Backup of your BlackBerry

Locate Backup Contact and Photos

The data backup can be set both from device or online. You can choose to backup either photos, contacts or both and can schedule when the backup should start. It keeps running in the background so you can start doing something else.

Overall I found this service satisfying. Though it took a while to get my phone screamed which happened only when I initiated the backup but since it is in beta it might be a bug. And yes it works over Wi-Fi.

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