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Make funky Cartoons and Avatars of your Photos

Be Funky is a free service, which offers a bunch of online tools to play with, and create some avatars and cartoons from your photos. I played around a lot with this last night, and here are some of the avatars and here are some of the avatars, along with the original photos, have a look, lol.

Create Avatar from your photos

The tools offered here are Cartoonizer and Uvatar, The above ones are created using the Uvatar tool.

Uvatar is an awesome tool to create avatars, the avatar creation process is very simple and the directions in this creation wizard given are simply awesome, all you need to do is, upload a photo, and describe the outline of head, once done with this, you can now create an avatar for yourself, and there is wide range of Locations, Costumes, Dresses, Accessories, etc. to create it exactly like you want.

Later you can save it in the gallery, gallery allows you to download them as jpg image, you can also get an embed code for you avatars, or you can directly post them to social media sites (from the gallery itself).

Cartoonizer is another tool, which provides you a wide range of tools (to add Accessories, Frames, Color settings, and a Warp tool, to create funny aberrations in the photo) to cartoonize the photo.

However, both the tools are very easy to use, I liked the Uvatar a lot, but Cartoonizer didn’t impress me much, or maybe I lacked that creativity. Try it and do tell us, how did u like it? Even if you are not interested in creating an avatar or cartoonizing your photo, give it a try, I am sure the wizard wil definitely impress you.

Try Be Funky

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