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Preview Torrent files before downloading : VerTor

Last week I downloaded a complete 600 MB of data from torrent and I was really shocked that the files was locked and nobody even left any comment about it. And this happens with most of the people as the torrent clients do not have provision to give you a small preview of what the file contains. You can not see if the video file in torrent is what you wanted nor you can get some idea of what document contains.

Introducing VerTor, This is a torrent search engine which allows you to get a small preview of the file you want to download with detailed information on number of seeders and peers available. This service keeps a good tracking of the torrents.

Torrent Preview for Max Payne

Torrent Preview for Max Payne

You would also see notification of  when was the file last download 100% successfully and if there was any threat of anitivirus or malware from it. Particularly for movies it provides some screen shots. These screenshots makes sure that its not blank or password protected or corrupted.

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