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Quickly Remove Image Backgrounds with Clipping Magic

There is always something in the background of your favorite image that you never like. Be it the boring color or the guy with a weird face. So when it comes to  removing them, most of us end up thinking about high-end tools like Photoshop or use our best to do it with tools like Paint!!!!

So here is an easy way to do it, Clipping Magic. It is an online tool which algorithmically removes the background image once you suggest the application about them.

How does it work ?

Like I said above its you who guides the application about the foreground and the background objects. So when you mark them the algorithm tries to find the color of the next pixel ( that’s what computers understand) and if its same then adds it to its list. So if a pixel color is marked as background, it is removed else it is kept.

Using the tool:

Once you upload the image, you get set of tools Add, Remove, Zoom,  Drag and Erase Marking. You need to use these tools to mark the foreground and background part.

So now if your picture is complicated where you have a lot of objects which are close to each other, I will suggest you to zoom and find the biggest part of the background space. This way the algorithm will get more pixels to understand where you want to point them too. On the similar line, you need to also mark the objects which you want to keep. It’s possible that they may be of different colors unlike background. So, make sure you mark them correctly.

Clipping Tool

When you are using this tool, You get to see live preview of your action. This means if you are marking anything in correct, you can always use to the undo tool to correct it. Once your correction is complete, you can download it on your computer.

When it comes to Edges

Clipping Magic is still in Alpha Stage. It works for most of the cases but not be that great if you have faint borders and blur images. It’s because for the computer it becomes difficult to guess the color. Keeping this in mind you can use the erase bad marks tool to leave space and let algorithm decide what to do.

Also it remembers a list of  images you have clipped recently which is limited to 5 in number. Since you cannot create an account, the images are stored based on combination of IP and Cookie.

Check out Clipping Magic | Thanks @mattcutts

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