Remove the Orange Firefox button from your Browser

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Recently launched Firefox 4 has several changes in the UI as well; the new orange colored button on the top left corner of the browser is also one of the new additions to the browser’s UI. This button provides you an access to several items, which probably has been done to resolve the absence of the menu tabs which were available in the older versions.

Remove the Orange Firefox button from your Browser

Now, if somehow you don’t want to see this orange button on your Firefox browser, and make it look like the Google Chrome, here is an option to do it, a Firefox add-on, named as ‘App Button Remove’, this add-on will remove the orange button, have a look at the snapshot below.

how to Remove the Orange Firefox button from your Browser

The orange button is gone, now if I want to use the tabs to access the menu, simply hit the ‘Alt’ key once, and the tabs will be available for you, and it will disappear again after few seconds, leaving ample space for webpage viewing.

So, if you want to get rid of this Orange Firefox Button, go ahead and install ‘App Button Remove’, the add-on doesn’t require a restart, it comes in effect immediately.

Install ‘App Button Remove’

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