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Smart ways to Create Multiple Folders

Creating single folder is what we do all time but lets say you would like to create 10 folders. Little hard work right. Even we face problems like this and here is a quick and smart solution

Use Command Line :

  • Open Command Prompt
  • Type in MKDIR folder1 folder2 folder3 folder4
  • It would create all the four folders in one shot.
Creating multiple folder from command line

Creating multiple folder from command line

Use Text file : Txt2dir

Now instead of typing all the name on the command prompt, you can also type it in a simple text file.

  • Type in all folder name one on each line. You can use sub directory structure also.
  • Set destination directory and create directories.
  • Download Txt2Dir
Create multiple folder from text file

Create multiple folder from text file

New Folder Wizard :

This software is pretty handy and I am sure you would love to use it over all the above ideas mentioned. This program lets you create multiple folders in a go based on prefixes or suffixes you would like to use. You can even use a text file as a source to create folders.

  • Copy your generated folder names to the clipboard. Using this option you can save the list as a text file
  • Create up to 20,000 new folders at a time
  • Download New folder wizard Via Ghacks
Multiple folder wizard

Multiple folder wizard

These are pretty clean way to create folders but I am pretty sure there are more ways when it comes to create folders in batch. Some shell scripts or some hack, Share with us in comments.

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