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Sync / UnSync / Add any folder with Dropbox in one click

Here is another add-on for DropBox Lovers and probably which should have come as one of the features of Dropbox is not available as an add-on.  Drop Box Folder Sync allows you to sync or unsync any folder with Dropbox with just one click. Just select any folder, right-click  and choose Sync or UnSync with Dropbox.

Sync and Unsync any folder with dropbox

Installing Dropbox Folder Sync :

Download the software and execute the setup file. Once installation is complete, it will automatically detect your Dropbox folder, In case it does not, double-click on the  Dropbox Folder Sync icon and add the path. Save and exit to start using it.

Dropbox Folder Sync Settings

Also in the settings, if you click on the Write Icon which is right next to the question mark icon, it will open the log file. This log file contains details of all the folders synced and unsynced.

What Happens when you choose “Sync with Dropbox” ?

Now to add any folder to Dropbox, right-click on the folder and select option which says “Sync with Dropbox”, What happens next is what you need to understand.

Dropbox Folder Sync moves all the files and the folder to Dropbox root folder and leaves a shortcut of the folder where it was originally.

This shortcut is not just any simple shortcut but a symbolic link i.e. the path remains same but it exists somewhere else, Imagine like a black hole connecting two parts of the universe. So if any of your application or programs use the same folder it will keep on using it thinking the folder is still at the same path.

Dropbox Folder Sync Example

What Happens when you choose “UnSync with Dropbox” ?

At any moment if you feel that the folder is no more required to be synced with Dropbox, right-click on the symbolic link and choose “UnSync with Dropbox”. This will reverse the steps i.e. It will move the folder from Dropbox i.e. like cut and paste and then remove the symbolic link.

Any Disadvantage of using Dropbox Folder Sync ?

Not that I see of but one of the problem is there is no option to choose where to move that folder inside Dropbox i.e. to any internal folder of Dropbox.

However according to the comment by Satyadeep,  you can do this by just changing the path of the Dropbox in the settings section. Thanks.

Is Dropbox Folder Sync only for Dropbox ?

Actually no. This application can work with any folder in your computer. What it is doing basically is moving folders to the path saved in the settings. Rest of the sync etc is done by Dropbox, if it’s not a Dropbox folder it will just not sync but will still move files and create symbolic links.

Download Dropbox Folder Sync

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