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Translate as you type, Into multiple languages and scripts

Nice Translator is a nice online tool which allows you to get the translations to text in multiple  languages in a flick. Its fast and does what it says.

You can translate to and from 34 languages, like Arabic, Bulgarian, Italian, Japanese, Catalan, Korean, Chinese, Latvian, Croatian, Lithuanian, Czech, Norwegian, Danish, Polish, Dutch, Portuguese, English, Romanian, Filipino, Russian, Finnish, Serbian, French, Slovak, German, Slovenian, Greek, Spanish, Hebrew, Swedish, Hindi, Ukrainian, Indonesian, and Vietnamese.

This tool is a very simple and easy to use way to get translations in multiple languages at once, have a look at the animation below.

Live Translator Animation



Translation from english to other languages

It translates the text as you type in the box, also supports the paste that is you can copy from anywhere and paste here to get it translated in other languages.

Hindi to Others

While you are trying to get a text translated to other language, and in case you don’t know the language in which you have the text, still you can use Nice Translation with auto detect option in the section where you specify the language of text to be translated.

Auto Detect Option

My Experience with Nice Translation –

  • Doesn’t require any registration, simply start translating.
  • Fast, translates as you type.
  • Results are accurate, though I could only check for English to Hindi and vice versa, as I don’t know any other language.

If you know other languages too, try it and share with us about the accuracy of translations.  Try Nice Translator

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