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“Sea Ray” ( Video ) Nokia’s First Windows Phone ( With Mango Update )

Seems like somebody did record the complete event even though everybody was asked to switch off when Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop demoed the first Nokia phone running Windows Phone..

This phone is code named Sea Ray and has an 8 megapixel camera and will come with the latest Mango Update running.

What is interesting is that Elop said there are already more devices with different designs available and working as well. So don’t get surprised if Nokia comes out with bunch of Windows Phone device. And not only that it seems Nokia is coming out with lot many hardware every month when it starts the cycle.

The later half of the video is not that exciting unless you want to know what Elop talked about regarding Nokia and how they will keep up with the existing Smartphone competition.

The biggest question from end user point is will you buy the first Nokia device or wait for couple to get of the to get launched and then choose.

Via Technet.hu

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