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What is Show Ink in Excel

In Microsoft Excel under Reviews > Comments there is button which says “Show Ink”. This basically is used to display hand written notes on excel file using stylus or any other device created on Tablet PC.  So when a user reviewing an excel document want to add a hand written comments he can use an input device and the system captures and saves it into the document at the right place.

Show ink in Excel

Show ink in Excel

I was able find one sample from here which gives you a view of how an Ink Annotation looks like :

Ink Annotation in Excel

Ink Annotation in Excel

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    The thing is I still use Office 03. I think your pictures are from Office 07, but thanks for the share!

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    hi , how to activate it ….

  • Thank you! for whatever reason, every time I try to use the “help” feature with MS Office, I get a message saying “help isn’t working, but you can still go to Office.com to get the latest and greatest…blah, blah”. Do you know why that is happening? It’s a pain because you can never easily find the answer to anything. I did a bing search and found the answer to my question o the first click. THANK YOU!! Di