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Windows 8 Mail : How to change Signature & Use Emoticons in it

Windows 8 Mail app is completely different from mail application ,which was in Windows 7 or Windows XP both, in terms of settings and how it was being used. One of the questions we have been asked over email is about modifying the signature for individual account you have configured in the mail application. Since this is the first time you might be using it, here are the steps you should take :

  • Launch the Mail Application.
  • Press Win + I to bring the Charms Menu.
  • Select Accounts. This will list down all the accounts configured in the app.

Windows 8 Mail App Settings

  • Now select the account for which you want to change the signature.
  • This will give you lot of options i.e. Change the Account Name, Frequency of downloading mails, duration of emails to download, Sync Options and Signature Option.
  • In the signature option, you can either completely turn it off by using the toggle button which says “Use an Email Signature” but if you keep it on, you can use the text box to add whatever you like.

Windows 8 Mail App Signature

  • Once done, you can switch to your emails back without pushing any save button as it will be automatically saved for you.
  • Remember, you will have to repeat this for every email account which is configured in the mail application. As of now it is not possible to add HTML signature here and even if you try, it shows up as normal text.

Add an Emoticon in Signature :

Now even though HTML signature is not allowed, you can very well add Emoticons which is available when composing an email. If you are not aware, right click when composing and you will get to see the menu bar with Emoticons as an option.

Emoticons in Windows 8 Mail

  • Decide one which you want to add to the signature.
  • When you select it, it will first appear in the body of the email which you can copy it by first selecting it, and then paste it in the signature settings of that mail account.
  • It will be automatically recognize it and will show as emoticon when you hit new mail button.

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