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Windows 8 Theme for Windows XP

Though Windows XP is almost dying off but if you still have one because you have a lot of legacy apps to be migrated, You can still taste the look and feel of Windows 8 with the theme just made for Windows XP. This theme is developed by hameddanger@deviantart.com. ( This theme has been removed, So I will suggest to use this theme which works on Windows 7 Also )

Video Demo :

Screenshot :

Windows 8 Theme for XP

Features :

You get the Windows 8 Shell, Icons, Logo, Login Screen, Boot Screen, Start menu, Start Screen, Live Tiles, Share Bar
With windows 8 taskbar skin, Ribbon toolbar. It almost replicates what Windows 8 Developer Preview has to offer in terms of look and feel.

How to Install  :

  • First Make a Restore Point so if something goes wrong all you need is restore back.
  • Download the theme from here. Link is on right hand side.
  • After this it will install UX Theme Patch and lot of other DLL will be patched. This is the reason I asked you to create a restore point.
  • Next the computer will reboot and you will have a lot of features of Windows 8 right there.

Now it is possible that this might not work on all the Windows Xp installation because of hardware limitations. I have seen one failing for me on an older machine but worked on a new machine. As the apps and DLL need bit of hardware or high-end rendering, it may so happen with you.

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