10 Features of Windows 7 You should know

Windows 7 is coming with lot of new features and improvements. I had used it for last 2 days and it seems there are some great enhancements. Though I can not use it to extreme but seeing the features its very clear that this version will be better than even Vista.

In further upcoming posts, We are rolling out some out of the box features which is going to be in Windows 7  and tell you what it is about.

Windows 7 Solution Center

This should be the one stop place where you can find all the problems related with your  Windows 7. The user gets notified on the taskbar which ultimately points here.

Windows 7 Solution Center and Notification

Windows 7 seems to  be better organized as you will be able to see related features also available like System Restore or Performance report. This comes under Security

Windows 7 Credential Manager

This is a totally new feature which allows you to maintain all your credentials related to websites or when you connect to another computer. Its called as CredMan KeyRing  which is a vault.

Windows 7 Credential management feature for centralized storage of username and password

Its further divided into

Windows Credentials where you can  Resource name, user name and Password. The resource
could be a printer or a computer or any other device.

Certificate Based Credentials : There is a certificate manager here which keeps track of all your personal certificates personal or third party. You can create a quick reference over here.

Windows 7 Certificate manager
Windows 7 Certificate manager

#3 Windows 7 Bitlocker Encryption

Encrypting each file is a story of old days, Its time Windows 7 is going to put a lock on the complete drive itself which includes system files and files required for booting. Bitlocker encryption will be useful to safe guard from hackers and unauthorized users.

Windows 7 features : Bitlocker drive encryption

However when you copy the files to another drive it will automatically decrypt. I suppose it should always do when its taken out of drive to anywhere else. Stay Tuned for more

Turn Windows 7  features on or off

Prior to this version of windows if you did not want to use a features of windows, the only option was to uninstall this but with Windows 7 you can just  turn it off by selecting or deselecting a check box.  However this will not cut any space on your hard disk. It still stays on your computer.

Windows 7 Feature : Turn on or off

This way one can restrict people from using certain programs still can install and use it for himself.Find it Control Panel > Program.

Windows  7 : Install Program from Network

We could not find an exact on this but seeing the description it seems this place will be either list of software which you install from network or Cd or Internet. This will maintain a list if you want to install it again. However to uninstall the program you will have to still use Add remove stuff.

Get program maintains a list of installed program from network

Windows 7 : Display Color Calibration

This is a wizard program which allows user to create a complete display profile which includes brightness adjustments, RGB mode and others. This will be very useful for people to even restore their display settings when it screws up.

Windows 7 features : Display color calibration

Windows 7 : Workspace Center

Through this you will be able to add a complete computer to a workspace and share. Moreover You will be also availing the resources from the workspace and the Setup wizard will do that. Not sure but this concept could be similar to document workspace or team work space.

Windows 7 features: Workspace Center

Windows 7 : Notification Areas Icons

This will be a central place to manage all your notification which keeps on popping up on your taskbar. You will be able to turn it off or restore icons back.

Windows 7 features : Notification areas icons

Windows 7 :  Sharing Files and Folders

Sharing your files and folders in Windows 7 will be max 2 clicks. You can create predefined groups and add people with rights as per your need. Next time when you right-click and folder and then click on share, it gives you all the list of predefined groups you created.

Windows 7 features : Sharing files folders

Thus it solves the problem of giving the same kind of permissions every time to the same set of people you already know.

#10 Windows 7 :  Version and Restore

From this version of Windows your drives files and everything ( almost ) will have different versions i.e. Every time as change is made it will keep backup of old copy. This helps you in restoring it back if you do something wrong with the available version.

Windows 7 Feature : Versions

This is all for now but stay tuned for our next post where we are going to talk about some more interesting features of Windows 7


  1. The solutions center is very ironic. If you need a solution to your PC failing to boot properly or constantly crashing.

  2. LOL You took the words right outta my mouth. What REALLY is ironic is after a lame attempt to fix the simplest thing , so you send report to Microsoft to find a solution. 9 times out of 10 its answer is “Ask a Friend” That just kills me! I LMAO every time i see it. Win 7 is a decent operating system although ,still needs some issues worked out . Their answer is just release Win 8 and there ya go.. Like the fix for Vista was Win 7. Am I the only one seeing a pattern here?? sigh

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