10 Smart phone shortcut keys to increase productivity [ Mobile Tips ]

According to one of the researches Symbian S60 Phones and above are more power driven in terms of shortcuts for accessing things quickly and faster specially when you don’t have time to press button after button to access few things.

These tips will not only make you a power user with Symbian S60 and above phones like N72, N73 and others but You will also be surprised to find some interesting tips and  n tweaks which you probably don’t know about

#1 Multitasking or Alt-Tab feature:

Smart phone applications don’t close by itself unless you do exit properly. Its like minimizing those applications on the phone every time you switch from one applications to another. Hold down the MENU key for a while and you will be able to see all the applications listed which are open and were not closed properly.

This way you can track also if somebody opened it before you….not everybody know how to exit right!!!

#2 Entering a new line in messages and notes.

In case you get buggy not able to move to new line and use lot of spaces to move to next line, here is a quick tip. Hold down the “0″ key and you will see a arrow key displayed and taking you to next line.

Felling better ? Even I did not knew about it .

#3 Zooming In and Out

Its really not right to keep on pressing options every time you want to zoom an image. Just hold down number “5″ when viewing an image. It will zoom you in and doing the same again will zoom you out.

Hah…Now you know one more magic trick.

#4 Previewing Themes

Ever wished for a preview when you choose a new theme before finally making a choice? Yes you can do it. Go to your themes folder and move the selected are over it by direct keys. Now press on Options and you will see 4 menu items.

  • Preview
  • Apply
  • Edit
  • Help
  • Exit.

Cool, just hit preview and you know what it looks like.

#5 Switching to silent mode.

Now I was tired of this whenever I needed to switch modes when I had to move to meeting. Every time hold down the power button for a sec to see all the profiles and switch over to silent mode.

Just press the # key for a few sec and you will be in silent mode, I mean your phone, lol, and Press again to get back to your previous profile.

#6 Entering number quickly

All right this one is not that fast but when you are typing a text message and want to enter just random few number How to do it? You can switch mode from alphabets to number and do it. But yo hate do it when you have just 2-3 number.Here is an easy way, Just hold down the number key for more than a sec and the number gets printed instead of alphabets.

#7 Quick Delete Messages

This one is fasted if you want to delete some messages quickly. Look for a button with a big C written. Just press that over a message you want to delete. Just confirm when it asks you for. Cool, You just reduced one step in deleting a message.

#8 Alarms

  • Better alarm app for Symbian 60 Phones

#9 Flickr

#10 Bittorrent

  • Add Bittorrent for Smart Phones

Add ons

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