Download PDF Printable Graph Papers That Comes Handy

What do you do when you need graph paper and don’t have one at home? (Especially if you are a maths student). Run to the store or pick up a pencil and paper and start drawing. No more, no more. Here are Printable graph papers in PDF format, which you can print off and use at home anytime. It’s pretty useful even if you are not using any maths but want to play dots.

Download Graph Paper Printable PDF

Download PDF Printable Graph Papers

  1. Nine Dot Paper Dots arranged in 3 × 3 squares.
  2. Squared paper with large squares with a table underneath to calculate graph coordinates.
  3. Half-centimeter squared paper
  4. Centimeter squared paper
  5. Grids – 1st quadrant
  6. Grid – 4 quadrants Axes and scales — for printing to an OHT.
  7. Isometric dotty paper Big dots — for OHTs.
  8. Hexagonal dotty paper: Big dots in a hexagonal pattern.
  9. Number grids in a variety of sizes up to 10 × 10.
  10. Number grids (reversed) Number grids in various sizes up to 10 × 10.
  11. Miscellaneous graph papers A collection of graph papers that are rarely used in the classroom these days, such as regular probability paper.

There are squares of varying sizes available on the website, ranging from 1 line per inch to 24 lines per inch. There are variations in the index lines (heavier grid lines) and the paper size (legal, letter, ledger, and A4).

Download from here, and then you can easily print and use it. I hope you found the post helpful and downloaded the graph paper you wanted for your work.

Is There a Graph Paper Template in Word?

Navigate to the Ribbon > Design tab. You can then select Fill Effects from the drop-down menu by clicking the Page. Then, click the Pattern tab to see the design options available. In Word, for example, you can make a typical graph paper by choosing the Small grid or Large grid pattern.


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