15+ Dedicated file download search engines

File hosting and sharing is a lifeline to people across the web world, we have Rapidshare, Megaupload, zShare, 4Shared, etc. like services which allow us to download almost any types of file, documents, movies, music files, and much more. Looks like any digital creation, has a copy somewhere on any one or more file hosting/sharing services.

Here I am enlisting some search engines which can help you search for files on these file hosting services, so just choose the one for you, download and enjoy!!!!

Rapidshare-Search-Engine – A search engine dedicated to search files on Rapidshare, with a link checker to check if the particular Rapidshare link is live, choose the look (skin) of the search engine using the style tab. Read out Detailed Review.

Mega Download – Searches for files on Rapidshare and/or MEGAUPLOAD, i.e. you can either search for files on both Rapidshare and MEGAUPLOAD or any one of them.

Mega Rapid Search – Don’t get confused with the word ‘Rapid’ in the name, this search engine isn’t dedicated to files on Rapidshare only, it allows you to search files hosted with up to 12 different services, simply check the services you want to scan for particular file, also, you can specify the file types you are hunting for. Another cool feature is, it also tells you if at current time Rapidshare happy hours are active or not.

Sharing Engines – Another search engine, searches files on multiple hosting services.

File Search – Another dedicated one for Rapidshare, no advanced options, damn simple and easy to use. If you want can install the extension for File Search which will add File Search in list of engines in your Search bar.

Rapidoogle – Google custom search for Rapidshare files.

Search Shared – Search shared allows you to search several services in one go; huge number of services are there, have a look at the snapshot below, you can search for any number of services in one go.

FILECROP – Search the files on Rapidshare and MEGAUPLOAD, file size option available to narrow your search. While searching FILECROP scans the links before showing the results to you. I have been using it for quite some time now, simply adorable.

Fileshunt.com – Another dedicated search engine for Rapidshare downloads.

SHARE DIGGER – Exactly like AVUN, SHARE DIGGER, allows you to search files by choosing any one service for your searches.

Files Tube – Key in the keyword, and choose the type of file you are looking for from the drop down menu, results provided will be direct links to Rapidshare downloads.

UVRX – Choose the language, and the service, and type in the keyword to search the file on particular service.

RapidshareR.org – A search engine which allows you to search for files on Rapidshare, MEGAUPLOAD, Depositfiles, and Filefactory, choose any one of the services using the radio buttons, and search whatever you want.

Shufs – Shufs allows you to search files on different sites, you can either choose one from Rapidshare, zShare, MediaFire, MEGAUPLOAD, Bodoango, or you can opt to get the comprehensive results from all of them.

Share Miner – Simply choose the type of file you want, like, Software, Games, Videos, Music, Documents and E-books, and ZIP/RAR files, and enter the keyword, to get comprehensive search results from several file hosting services.

Well, this definitely is not the end of list, there are several other search engines too, do share with us in comments any other such search engines you know.


  1. Nice work! Thanks

    Did you know you can easily search thru all filesharing sites at one time?

    They support: Rapidshare, Megashares, Megaupload, Badongo, Filefront, UploadMirrors, Savefile, Yousendit, Easy-share, Dump.ru, Zippyshare, depositfiles, filefactory, filezs.to, Mediafire, Mbload, Share-Online, Neload, 4shared, Uploaded.to and many more!


    I suggest you to add this to your list 😉


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