5 Dedicated File Download Search Engines

Searching for files on the internet can lead you down a rabbit hole of links, fake download buttons, wrong files, malware, viruses, and even legal issues. But what if there was a better way to search for files and get direct download links without going through them? This article will teach us about five dedicated file search engines that can do all this.

Dedicated File Download Search Engines

What Are File Download Search Engines?

File download search engines differ entirely from search engines like Google and Bing. They are like file hosting search engines. Traditional search engines search for sites based on the keywords in your query and try to match it with the content on the webpage for most instances. A File download search engine will get you the file you are looking for by scouring the database of file-hosting sites and addresses. This can give you access to files unavailable elsewhere and difficult to find using search engines like Google.

5 Dedicated File Download Search Engines

This section will examine 5 dedicated file download search engines. Each has its own set of features, so make sure you check them out.

  1. FilePursuit
  2. Internet Archive
  3. AIO Search
  4. Search Files
  5. Searchshared

Let’s dive in!

1]  File Pursuit

Filepursuit com

FilePursuit.com is a dedicated file download search engine that stands out among the best. One of the main reasons for its popularity is its ad-free experience, which makes browsing incredibly fast and responsive.


  • Ad-free browsing
  • Fast and responsive interface
  • Free to use
  • Android app available
  • Multiple search filters (videos, audiobooks, e-books, mobile apps, archives)
  • Sorting options based on upload time


  • User-friendly interface
  • Completely free to use
  • Versatile filtering options
  • Available on Android


  • No torrent search capability

I found FilePursuit.com to be a fantastic resource for finding various types of files quickly and efficiently. The lack of ads made my experience smooth, and the multiple filtering options were beneficial. However, I did miss the ability to search for torrents.

Visit File Pursuit

2] Internet Archive

Internet Archive

Internet Archive needs no introduction. It is the archive of the internet, featuring everything you can think of—books, eBooks, articles, videos, short films, full-length films, audio, and virtually every file that has been on the internet in some form. The sheer vastness of its collection means you can find almost anything, including unreleased movies and content not released explicitly in your country. You can even access things that are banned or unavailable in your region.


  • Extensive collection of digital content
  • Includes books, eBooks, articles, videos, films, and audio
  • Access to unreleased and region-specific content
  • Archives of old websites and files


  • Massive repository of diverse content
  • Ability to find rare and region-restricted media
  • No ads due to non-profit funding


  • Slightly complex interface with a learning curve
  • It can be overwhelming to navigate due to the numerous features

I found the Internet Archive incredibly useful for tracking rare and hard-to-find media. However, the interface does require some getting used to. Once you master it, though, it’s an invaluable resource.

Visit Internet Archive

3] AIO Search

Aiosearch com

AIO Search is a dedicated file download engine that stands out for its ability to search through numerous websites and file formats. I found it particularly useful for searching torrents, although it does come with a few caveats.


  • Searches through multiple websites
  • Supports various file formats
  • It is perfect for torrent searches


  • An extensive range of search engines increases the likelihood of finding the desired file
  • Convenient tabs to access different search engines


  • Many links can be down, causing issues
  • Does not provide direct download links; requires copying magnet links or visiting torrent sites
  • It does not consolidate results from all websites

I found AIO Search incredibly useful for specific files across multiple platforms. However, it would be more convenient if it could consolidate results and provide direct download links. Despite these minor drawbacks, many search engines make it a valuable tool.

Visit AIO Search

4] Searchfiles

Searchfiles de

SearchFiles.de is a dedicated file download engine leveraging Google Custom Search technology. While it doesn’t allow you to customize the websites you search from, it provides a specialized file-finding platform.


  • Utilizes Google Custom Search technology
  • Allows customization of search queries
  • Options to search within site URLs, site text, and file links
  • Ability to filter results by upload date


  • Specialized in finding direct file links
  • Customizable search queries for more precise results
  • Extensive search capabilities


  • There is no option to customize which websites are searched
  • It can be not very clear for average users to find the right files

Visit SearchFiles

I found SearchFiles.de quite effective for locating direct file links, especially when I customized my search queries. However, the inability to select specific websites for searching can be a limitation. This tool is an excellent alternative to Google for those who need precise and extensive searches, but it might require some patience to get the desired results.

5] SearchShared

Searchshared info

SearchShared.info is a dedicated file download search engine that utilizes Google’s custom search technology. What sets it apart from similar tools like SearchFiles.de is its ability to search through specific websites, including top sites like Sendspace, Mediafire, and Rapidgator.


  • Utilizes Google custom search technology
  • Allows searches through specific websites
  • Includes top sites like Sendspace, Mediafire, and Rapidgator


  • It is a better alternative to the standard Google search for specific file downloads
  • You can search through well-known file-hosting websites


  • It does not allow filtering by links, text on the page, or file addition date
  • It takes time to get a direct file download link

I found SearchShare.info to be particularly useful when looking for files on specific websites. However, the lack of filtering options made the search process somewhat confusing. While it’s a better alternative to Google for finding direct download links, the reliability of its features left me skeptical.

Visit SearchShared

In this article, we learned about five dedicated file-download search engines. We hope that you found this article helpful and were able to find the best-dedicated file-download search engine for yourself.


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