2 Second Backup or Restore of Office Outlook settings

Yesterday I had problem with my Office computer and they wanted to do a complete re-installation. The most I was considered was about my email rules, server settings etc which takes lot of time to configure again. I had no worries about my mail because I already had located them to different drive so even if the format my Windows Drive I don’t have an issue but still I need to configure when it’s reinstalled.

When I told this to my System guy he gave an amazing solution which just takes 2 seconds to backup and restore all your office outlook settings.  He told me to get into registry and here are the complete steps:

  • Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWindows Messaging SubsystemProfiles
  • Under profiles you would see the name as ‘ Outlook ‘ or the profile name which you had created for your mail in outlook.
  • Right click on the profile name, which in my case was Outlook, and say click export.
  • It will prompt you for a location to save. Remember save this file to a network location or even you can save and email it. So in case your drive is formatted you don’t loose anything.
  • After you had formatted and installed Office Outlook, jus double click to run this file and it will be automatically added to your computer.
  • Now when you start Office Outlook, you will be prompted to choose the profile. In case you are the only user just set it as default.

That’s it you are done. Now all I needed to update was my mail account passwords and everything was running smooth. Since my path to .PST files remained same (Remember I told that I kept them in different drive)

Here is how the registry location looks like. If you see the numbers of folders made inside the profile, you would understand that this place contains every part of your outlook.

outlook backup registry

You don’t need any software or any add-on for doing your backup. It’s one click solution for backup and restore of every configuration, mail rules, PST locations etc. So next time you do a system format use these steps to backup your Microsoft Office Outlook.