3G Cellular Technology for those in need of speed

The term 3G is not new. It had been around from a quite a long time. 3G means Third Generation in cellular technology to make it more simple, The first generation was Advanced Mobile Phone Service (AMPS), Second Generation comprised of GSM and CDMA and GPRS-EDGE was considered to be 2.5 Generation. With each generation, there was a significant improvement. GSM and CDMA introduced caller ID while GPRS-CDMA made MMS ( Multi Media Services) and Internet surfing possible. Similarly, 3G phones made a leap in cellular technology…..it can be termed as generation leap.

3G is all about speed

If we have to define 3G in single like then say ” Its all about speed”. What broadband allows over dial up 3G enables extremely quick browsing speeds. It’s sometimes referred as “wireless broadband”. You can not only just make calls now but also participate in video conferencing.


  • Speed from 144 KBps to 2.4 MBps.
  • Multiple Data transfer along with calls.
  • Browse Full Fledged Web Pages.
  • Watch Streaming Video and On Demand Videos.
  • Make large downloads in seconds.
  • Play 3D Games.

How 3G works ?

3G works by parceling the data sent on the network into small packets. These packets are assembled in the correct order at receivers end. This is different from 2G mobiles (GSM) which used to keep a small portion of network reserved or kept open for call.

3G technology also enables service providers to know the location of the handsets (to within few meters ) using their service. This feature can be used to send you information about any accident that happened nearby, traffic jam or a special dish that is being served in a nearby restaurant.

The only problem with 3G Technology is, it does not use the same kind of hardware or network being used by 2G or 2.5G phones. This is the main reason its not available in many countries. But the potential of the technology will soon force everybody to embrace 3G.

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