Sites to have fun with your photos

Want to spice up your photos by adding them to a hoarding, magazine cover, LCD T.V. etc. or maybe you want to add your photos on currency notes etc. Here is a list of 5 free sites which allow you to do such things, and that too very easily, with in few seconds.


    JPGfun has more than 200 templates which can be used for adding your photos on them, simply select a template, and upload your photo, select the area on photo to be displayed, and soon you can get your new photo to download.

    JPGfun site with 200+ templates to play around with your photos

    However there are some templates which may show some explicit content, so it is suggested not to use the service at your workplace.

    Funny Collage

      Several templates for adding your face on them, it detects the face in uploaded photo, later you can move, resize and rotate the face in order to match it perfectly with the template.

      Funny Collage add your face on several funny templates

      Color Correction and Mirror Flip like options are also there to make the face suit the template.


        Moron allows you to upload your photo and what you get in return is the same photo edited to make you look like a moron, they do everything make the face funny, have a look at one of the examples.

        Moron service to give a moron look to your photo

        Once you choose to upload your photo, you can choose the editing to be done either for free or if you are ready you can choose to pay for it as well.

        They claim to be manually editing the photos to give that funny look, so it takes time, and hence they need your email address in order send the photo.


          Festisite can be used for adding your photo on currency notes, simply choose the currency, upload your photo, reposition it and go, later download the image.

          Add face to currency notes

          So go ahead and enjoy these services and have fun with your photos, need to try some more services for having fun with photos? Visit here.

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