5 Amazing Mac Widgets : Download now!!

Apple is one of the “word” that turns my lights on!. Just surfing around for some apple stuff apart from Safari,  I found some of the awesome widgets which any apple user would love to use. I wish somebody can make it for windows too. To share Safari 3 is available for windows too but there are still lot of bugs.

Here are the cool widgets you can download and enjoy on MAC OS

  • Wikipedia: View and edit complete Wikipedia articles in any language without leaving your Dashboard. Downalod from here
  • Bluetooth Texter : Connects to your Bluetooth phone and uses it to send SMS messages. Download from here
  • iStat Pro: It features highly detailed information on CPUs (up to eight cores), memory, hard drives, IP and external IP, bandwidth, battery, wireless keyboard and mouse battery, up-time, temperatures, and fans. Download from here
  • Weather Channel Widget: It includes current weather conditions for your selected locations and notifies you when severe weather alerts are in effect for your area.Download from here
  • HTML entity character lookup: The lookup searches for HTML entity characters based on how your particular searched character looks. For instance, the letter c would match © and ¢ entity, because of the way they look. Download from here

So here is my question to MAC lovers, which is your favorite ? Share it in comments and we will take a look around and add it here. Sometimes I wish I had MAC! Do you ?


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