5 Free sites to get your Mobile phone loaded

Mobile phones are no more a liberty, now they have entered the tag of basic needs, Some of us use them just for the sake of convenience while many others love to customize them, using different applications, games ring tones etc, here I have tried to enlist the sites which can help you a lot if you fall under the latter category.

Mobile Rated

Access the above page to reach Mobile Rated, simply select the mobile phone you have and you will be redirected to a page where you can get loads of free stuff, i.e. wallpapers, Java games, Java applications and much more. You can also go through the reviews for any game or application you wish to, before you make a download. Also you can subscribe for e-mail alerts for your mobile phone model to keep yourself updated.

As you enter with your mobile phone model and name, you only get to see the stuff compatible with your phone, so feel free to download anything you like, without thinking about the compatibility issue.


This one is another site for free stuff, but it has a lot more to offer as compared to Mobile Rated, it has Applications, Themes, Picture Messages, Text Messages, Fonts etc.

The range of available goodies is bigger, as said above.


A huge collection of Themes and different types of ringtones, ranging from monophonic to mp3 are available for free on this site. Themes are categorized on the basis of mobile phone brands. You can also create your own ringtones on this site.

I personally like the themes here a lot.


Abode of lots of free stuff, like  Themes, Applications, Games,  Screen Savers, Wallpapers etc. Its simple and have nothing very eye catching in it, well while searching for some particular application or game, you can try your luck here as well.


Cell11.com is another site which has wide range of free stuff for your mobile phones, here you can get SMS messages, Fonts, Tips and Tricks, Operator logos, Screen Savers, Applications, Games, Themes, Wallpapers, Videos, Ring tones etc for free.

If you love sending text messages, this site is for you, thousands of free text messages are available here.

There is something unique about every one of them. I had started using them for my use and I am looking for more. Got any suggestions ? Feel free to send me the links in comments



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