500 Plus Color Code with RGB and Hex Values

Cloford.com Home page gives you a color code for 500 Plus colors with the maximum variation of colors possible. This page lists by color name, Hex value, RGB value, and Microsoft Access code number.

If you can not specify the color code in HTML or CSS by name, you can use RGB values like  <font color="#800080"> Or in CSS, you can also use their RGB decimal values, e.g.:  P { rgb(128,0,128); }.This is an excellent resource if you are designing your web site and looking for colors

500 Plus Color Code with RGB and Hex Values

The best part of this tool is to check and compare how the color will look compared to others. If you open this in Internet Explorer (It doesn’t work in Chrome or Firefox ) and click on the color name, under the column “Select a Colour,” the background of the table changes will give an instant comparison of how it looks like.


Do try it along with other Graphics Tool | Check out Colford


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