7 Cool Windows Vista enhancements worth to download

Want to make Vista Notifications little Glossy or Making picture in Vista’s start menu a pretty 3D animated ? Welcome to the Cool Vista Enhancements worth trying.

#1 3D User Picture replaces the user picture in Vista’s start menu with a pretty 3D animated one. Requires a DirectX 9 capable graphics card

#2 Thumbnail Sizer allows the user to change the size of Vista’s Window thumbnails that show when one hovers over the taskbar button for the window.

#3 Extra Desktops is an application that allows to use extra desktops on Vista, besides the normal desktop. It is like creating Virtual desktops.

#4 HTML Explorer Thumbnails In Vista, Windows Explorer no longer shows thumbnails of HTML files. This add on for Windows Explorer will show thumbnails for HTML, MHTL and URL files.

#5 GlassToasts replaces WindowsXP/Vista style balloon notifications with the Beta 1 style glassy toasts

There are 3 more like adding background images to folders (#6) , Active Desktop Sites (#7) which allows you to put a site on your desktop as background and Desktop Effects ( #8 ) Check all of them at Ave’s Vista Apps


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