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Web cams are always fun whether its friends or professional work. Here is a collection of  free ( you can download for free) plus 1 commercial webcam software which allows you right from stream virtual video streams, capturing images, uploading it to ftp, capturing videos from TV Tuner or friends webcam to Making the images funny and decorative.

They even upload to ftp right after you take a picture. One of the software even diagnose your web cam to tell if it has some problem with USB drivers or anything else. One of them is a commercial version, rest of them are absolutely free. Have fun with them. Hey just forgot to tell u , You can even use some software to create a fake webcam and us it with IM like Yahoo messenger and MSN

False Camera : Run fake video or share your screen

This application creates  fake webcam where you can run a video file and can be selected in most of the chat messenger program as source camera. What you need to do is add couple of videos or the real camera and when you are ready, double click to play.

Like you can see below, I am running a sample video in the False Camera Program and the same is being broadcasted in the yahoo messenger My Webcam.

False Camera Demo

This camera is not just made for faking people but you can also share your screen or particular region of the screen for demonstration purpose. Very useful  when you want to help somebody out with steps.

Share Screen with Fake Camera


CamSpace : Play Games with hand movements :

Kinect hasnt reached PC games yet but if you want to play games with your hands, CamSpace is heck of a fun. This application lets you choose a controller and then you can play games like pop a baloon with that.

CamSpace baloon pop

Download and read our review here.

Booru Webcam

This simple program allows you to capture, zoom images from a webcam and allows you to save it as BMP,GIF,JPEG,PNG,TIFF formats. A standalone executable file which does not need any installation. Just click it and use it. This also allows images to be directly uploaded to a FTP server as soon as you capture it.

Booru Settings and Actions

Download Booru Webcam

Yawcam : Motion Detection and Live Video Streaming

If you are looking for a webcam software which supports motion detection and video streaming , this is the right one. Its Java based freeware which also allows for FTP upload of captured images and videos. It has an inbuilt web server through which you can protect motion detection feature.

YawCam Webcam Settings


Yawcam Scheduler

Download Yawcam and do check the system need which includes Java and Available for Windows 2000/XP/Vista and Windows 7. Find similar software  here

SplitCamera : Share your webcam between multiple applications

If you want to use your webcam with multiple applications like On Yahoo Messenger , Windows Live or Skype also or any other Video conferencing tool, Split Camera can make applications believe that either there are multiple webcams available or your webcam is not busy can still can be used.It creates a virtual video clone and its driver can split the video from your webcam and deliver it to several applications.

Splt Camera

It works with web-camera (any models), video cameras ( any model: analog or digital : VHS, DV, TV-IN or TV-tuner ) in video chat or video conference software like ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, Skype Video, Camfrog, AOL AIM, Pal Talk, and to broadcast it to many users at a time. You can connect upto 64 clients with Splitcam.

Download Split camera ( its Free)

Cameroid : Webcam Effects

Cameroid helps you create special effect to the photographs taken from your webcam and its live. Allow this application to take your photo using your webcam and then apply different effects like Filter, Frames, Scenes, Distort etc. Its like Photo MacBooth loaded in your browser.


Visit Cameroid

VideoMage Producer

This software allows you to have control on the incoming video streams. You can use it manipulate your friends webcam and use affects like fading, resize and store on your PC / computer. Yes it works on real-time images and videos coming from even TV Tunes, pre-recorded video. You can highlight specific areas and add affects to it

Video Mage Producer

Check out the Download page of VideoMage

Virtual Camera : Creates Fake Webcam

This is one of the most favorite software as it allows to you to create a fake webcam by using already available media files and stream virtual video feeds from your computer.You can also use web clips. It can be used on Windows 98 ME 2000 and XP. It does not support Windows 7 and Windows Vista. .

This can be faked as a web cam while using along with most popular IM software such as MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, PalTalk, etc. support real-time video chat.

Even if you have a cam it can easily switch from real to virtual and allows you to share pics or videos which you might have recorded and want to show your friends instead of asking them to download it which is not prefered most of the time.


VirtualCamera supports most type of media such as pictures(JPG, gif, bmp etc.) and videos(wmv, AVI, asf, MPEG, rm, rmvb etc.). You can also select a folder which has a lot of media files and let VirtualCamera play them to your net friends one by one.

However this comes at a price of 29$. If you really are a cam freak and want to use it. Download Virtual Camera. A small tip: Look out for cracks. I have seen people using it and I can bet they did not pay any money for it.

Webcam Diagnostics

Having Problem with you cam ? You can get a free checkup of your cam and they will diagnose your cam right from driver installation to USB issues.It can point to problems and can give you suggestions too. Click to Webcam Diagnostics

Webcam Diagnostics


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The Software below doesn’t work any more but has been kept for record base.



Phozi supports wide range of frames and stocks and color pencil tool.You can use it to create Avatars and use it on IM.The phozi widgets work with any site that allows you to embed html codes. Popular sites include myspace, piczo, iGoogle, and freewebs. Phozi also works with popular blogging software like Blogger and TypePad as well as any webpage!. They have also integrated with Facebook so should be fun to us. Its called as Phozibooth on Facebook

PhotoBooth App Phozi

Barcopedia : Webcam Bar code Scanner

This utility allows you to read a barcode of any material or product and give you the details of the product from their extensive database. Just hold it close enough to focus the complete barcode and software does the rest. This can be useful if you are just left with barcode and you did not knew what the product was.

However the current scanner only works with EAN13 and UPCA barcodes. Therefore if the scanner is unable to scan your barcode ensure that the barcode has 12-13 numbers below it

Webcam Bar code Scanner

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  1. Oh my god! I never knew, I could do so much with my built-in webcam. I must really try YawCam. Motion detection and video streams! Sounds like I can make an ultimate spy gadget using that!

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  15. @Asha: there are I have used it once but then again It was a spyware so i had to delete it once. Its not safe and probably I am not the right person to answer this question

  16. Awesome list. I have been looking for a good webcam program to use that had motion detection. I previously used DigiWatcher but it started to get on my nerves. I am now using Yawcam.

    Keep up the good work!

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