9 Old Computers Ads you did not see

16K Ram Card that turns your computer into a working Giant ( 16K!!!!!! WT…)

Looking for a 16 Bit Microcomputer ?

What the heck is electronic email ?

Hmm how much would 80MBytes of Harddisk will Cost ?

Thats a Sexy Modem

Colored Computer

Beat that laptop Now

Excel ..Probably the first version


Bill Gates Tandy 2000

Disclaimer: We got this on a forwarded email. If this belongs to people you know just tell us and we will contact them and link back.


  1. actually I did see them already… please bloggers of the world think of more original titles…

    Although it is a nice list the title could use some work tbh, seen to many “top 10/20/etc of must use/never seen before/you didn’t know about/etc software/websites/browser extensions/etc” lately which makes me pretty certain I have seen most already. So please to all bloggers use other titles because it is more than likely a blogging colleague already posted about it and/or readers already knew about it or used it already…

  2. These old technologies, although seemingly laughable now were and are amazing achievements of technology. These were essential stepping stones to our current technology and were created by the most brilliant minds in society. Without the brilliant engineers that developed these technologies, the way would never have been paved to our current RAM, processor, modem, etc. technologies.

  3. Wow, those are some old pictures. I remember something like that Radio Shack computer ad from the early 1980s. But the lady in the shorts, she looks like she is from the 1960s or 1970s.

  4. Very nice retro journey!

    I remember reading computer magazines in the 80s and seeing ads like these.

    How far we have come…. Just look at Bill Gates youthful looks!

  5. Ahhh. I remember the TRS80 I so longed to have when young. Going into the shops to compare with the Intellivision, Microbees and Commodores and others I can barely remember. I also remember getting letters from my favorite software distributors that they had sold their company to someone called Microsoft, whoever that was…

  6. It was August 1977 when I was in my friends Computerland Store when the first 2K memory board arrived. Customers coming in were grateful because they did not have to use their wire wrap device to make their own 2K boards anymore. He had been in business a little over 30 days. 2K was quite an advance in memory, double! The 8088 chip was around.
    A big advance over the 8008. He was store #5. The first 3 were company stores. Computerland, the first computer franchise retail store eventually had over 900 locations.
    It would be less than 2 years before Bill Gates contacted him via the Internet to find out
    what his clients wanted their microcomputers to be capable of doing. From small beginnings,
    advertisements that are comical today, individuals with foresight and a willingness to take
    risk we live in a world with technology that is truly mind blowing. I salute the pioneers in microcomputing.


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