94-year-Old Newspaper Cutting on Titanic Sink on The Times-Dispatch

The sinking of the Titanic was one of the greatest disasters in the history of mankind. When I saw Titanic (movie),  the end story was heartbreaking not just because it has a tragic love story, but no one could have imagined that A ship, which was said, would never sink, was gone in moments, along with so many people. Here I am talking about a 94 year Old News Paper Cutting on Titanic Sink

94-year-Old Newspaper Cutting on Titanic Sink on The Times-Dispatch

I received an email today with snapshots of an old newspaper that published news of the Titanic Sink Disaster 94 years ago. It stated, ” Titanic, Giant White Star Liner, Sinks after collision with Iceberg on her maiden voyage, and 1800 lives are reported lost in World’s Greatest Marine Disaster.”

Titanic Crash in News Paper cutting

If you have ever wished to see the Titanic again, you can do so. There is a museum named The Titanic Museum Attraction in Branson, Missouri. It is a permanent two-story museum, which is very close to the Titanic itself. It will surely give you more details of the Titanic Sink than the newspaper.

The museum also has a website to book your tickets and check online stores. The titanic merchandise has a replica of artifacts recovered from the Titanic till now. You can read out Titanic history, and get to know the survivors of the Titanic Disaster and when they died. It includes the year and the class they traveled to on the ship.


  1. This is a very good website and i congradulate all who made it and i would also like to thank Ashish Mohta for including this newspaper article as my Great-great-great Grandfather was on the titanic and went down with the ship


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