Screen Jelly vs Screenr : A comparison between two popular Screencasting tools for Twitter

Lately I discussed Screenjelly, which for sure is an awesome tool to instantly create screencasts and tweet them immediately to easily and effectively keep your point to your followers on Twitter.

Yesterday I came to know about Screenr while reading a post on RWW, which is another tool on same lines, here is a quick walkthrough to know the Screenr better –

Once you are on the Screenr page, simply sign in using your Twitter account, once in, click on the ‘RECORD’ button, and soon the frame will appear in front of you, you can resize and move this frame to perfectly fit the area to be recorded on your screen.

Now, you can click on the red button on the bottom left corner of the frame to start recoding, now you have 5 minutes in hand, go ahead and record whatever you want, you can also add voice to this screencast using your mic.

Once done with creation, Screenr publishes it for you, you can either choose to post it automatically as your tweet on twitter or you can choose to manually post it.

Screenr gives you several other options, like downloading the video, publishing it on YouTube directly, also you get a direct link (short enough to be posted on Twitter) and  there is a Screenr bookmarklet as well, making it easily accessible to create screencasts.

Screenr vs Screenjelly

Here is a table which compares both these tools, have a look –

So, go ahead and make a choice, posting screencasts over all is equally easy in both the cases, but looks like Screenr has more features to attract the users, do tell us which one did you like.

Try Screenr and  Screenjelly or Need another online tool for screencasting ? Read here.


  1. You forgot one very important feature of screenr in your comparison…iPhone support 🙂 Only screenr offers that.

  2. Being able to seek is important too, especially when you just missed something because a co-worker walked into your office. Only screenr supports this.

  3. Yeah, as zegig said, Screenjelly has a bookmarklet!

    Actually I like it better than Screenr’s bookmarklet because it does more: Screenr’s bookmarklet is just little more than a bookmark while Screenjelly’s bookmarklet makes it so that you can stay wherever you are to use Screenjelly.

    I’ll have to check out their embeddable button. Looks interesting…

    In any case, it’ll be interesting to follow these two.

  4. Another important Screenjelly feature is that you can mark recordings as private—even though you’re likely posting them to Twitter, you may not want them in the site’s public stream, or you may have protected your updates and only want authorized followers to see your recording.

    Screenr is clearly focused solely on tweeting recordings (while Screenjelly has a broader focus), so it’s understandable that they don’t include privacy settings, but it’s still important to note.


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