A simple application to create animated Gif images

UnFREEz is a small application to create animated Gif images. It is a standalone application, so you just need to download a zip file which is less than 20KB, once you unzip and run the application i.e. the UnFREEZ.exe, you come across its simple interface as shown below.


Now you can start using this simple tool, all you need to do is. Drag n Drop the images, check/uncheck the Loop animation, set the frame delay in CS i.e. centiseconds, Hit the ‘Make animated Gif’ to create and save the animated Gif.

Here is a set of images which I created especially for this post, to test the UnFREEz.


The output, animated Gif image is shown below.


So, if you too need to create some animated Gif images quite often, Go ahead and use UnFREEz to actually unfreeze the images and get them in motion. However there is a restriction to it, the images which you are going to use for your Gif animation should already be in Gif format, but the simple solution for this is MS Paint, open the image in paint and if you something like Snagit, you don’t even need to worry about the loss of quality  during this conversion.

Making a Gif image from your photos also seems a good idea to add that special touch to them.

Download UnFREEz

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