A tool for making quick and easy group decisions

Decision making is a tough job, when it comes to groups, getting different views from different people in the community or group is a cumbersome job.

Zapproved seems to be the solution for this issue, a simple online tool, with extremely simple user interface, updates the status of proposals immediately and at the same time sends notifications to all the participants in the proposal.

Sign up, login with your email address and password, and start making proposals. A form appears in front of you, to make a proposal, simply key in the details, like, email addresses of approves, message for the proposal, any file that you want to attach with the proposal, a due date and a priority level for the proposal.

Zapproved - Creating a new proposal
Zapproved – Creating a new proposal

As soon as you send the approval, Zapprover, generates and sends email to every approver you mentioned, this email contains the proposal, as well as provides an interface in the mail itself so that approvers can respond with the help of ‘Approve’ and ‘Deny’ buttons, and comment on them as well.

Email updates are sent to every approver, in order to provide them updates of comment and response of other approver. Once every approver in group has made a decision, the approval process record is archived for future reference. These records can be sorted by date/recipient/ project to make them easy to access.

You can customize Zapproved, as per your choice using the setting page, as shown below.

Customizing Zapproved
Customizing Zapproved

Reason behind, My liking for Zapproved

  • You can allow anyone as approver, even if he/she doesn’t have Zapprover account.
  • Proposal message can be accompanied by a file, as attachment.
  • Online tool, no installations.
  • Simple user interface.
  • Can be easily synchronized with your contacts in Outlook.
  • As of now, in beta, and Free.
  • Completed proposals, are archived, and available on Zapproved servers forever.
  • Approvers, and Proposal creator, can add comments, to every proposal, apart from deny or accept.

So try Zapprover, make even the toughest decisions, in few simple steps..Have your say n tell us how did you like it.


  1. Better group decisions are possible

    Ever felt powerless in an election?
    Ever been overruled by a majority over and over again?
    Ever seen a group decision fail to pick an obviously good compromise?
    Ever wondered whether democracy and majority rule are really the same thing?

    Then this is for you!

    True democracy is about every person having power, not just a mere majority!
    Groups can make just and efficient decisions!
    And it’s surprisingly simple, too!
    Here’s how: Vote, but don’t use majority rule. Use a better voting system!

    Give it a try! Use this simple method for your next group decision:

    Discuss the options and make sure any good compromise options have a chance of being identified as such. Then, on a ballot listing all options, each person ticks as many options as she likes, from one to all, and then underlines the one of them she likes best. Tally the ticks for each option. Then draw two ballots at random. If some option is ticked on both ballots, the winner is that such option which got the most ticks overall. Otherwise, the winner is the option underlined on the first of the two ballots.

    You doubt that drawing ballots at random can be any good? Then think again: this is the only way to make it impossible for a mere majority to overrule all others and ignore their preferences! As everyone’s ballot has the same chance of getting drawn, everyone has the same amount of power.

    But isn’t this the same as just drawing an option at random? Not at all! The better options will get more ticks and have thus the largest chance of winning.

    Still, how can a good compromise arise from a process involving randomness? Think strategically: it is in the best interest of everyone to tick a good compromise, since that reduces the probability of getting a less preferred option. Therefore good compromises will very likely win! Often the system will even lead to complete consensus so that no randomness remains at all.

    This system, called “D2MAC” (which stands for “Draw Two / Most Approved Compromise”), is only the simplest of a series of good voting systems that are much more just and efficient than mere majority rule…

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